Jorma Toivonen has gathered on erotic items since the eighties and calls his home for a six-story museum. Maija Ahola left the financial career for the yoga. Mika Olavi sings about love.

Senior hair from seventy different women, inflatable barbaras, porn magazines, nude pictures and dildos. In Jorma Toivonen’s erotic collection of sex gates, there is most. He has collected on eroticism and pornography for decades. Poppy’s Erkki Kuronen has made a home at-reportage in Jormas Red Wooden Furry in Bagarmossen outside Stockholm.

What stands Tantra for and has any connection to sex at all? We get visits by the Yoga teacher Maija Ahola who left a hectic finance career to start a yoga studio at Södermalm in Stockholm. She tells you the place of yoga in her own life, the view of Yoga as a commercial industry and what the tantra actually means.

In addition, popular singing columnist Mika Olavi has written a new show about love. How do you find their other half?

Composer: Ramon Ayala, Michael Grier, Edmond Leary, Shawn Moltke, Terri Moltke, Darrin O’Brien, Juan Salinas, Oscar Salinas

During his 40 years that midwife, Tiina Pirhonen has never helped a woman to give birth to children in the home environment. According to her, women should feed in hospitals and wish the Finnish grip as a method.

Popula thinks with my Kippilä over gender roles in the sport and discusses the influence of the Mensency on women’s sports careers.

Make Know Tove Jansson’s stormy love life that she had with both women and men. The years before she struck through she lived a poor artistic life. In the film, both the love and art are depicted.

Journalist and Saunaentusiast Heidi Liekola winter baths for health reasons. She thinks that the prevailing winter bath trend is about showing that you are game on social media.

Everything started with Yrjö Pollari, “the old man Noah” and thousands of hours of hard exercise. 16-year-old Oskar Taipale found home in the Finnish folk music and now he always has the accordion.

Finnish-Americans Alex and Sara have started a pod on life in New York, dating and how to level-up to a Queen woman. According to them, every woman should manifest their own dreamlife.

Discussion, unhealthy war or “Mykkäkoulua”. Call it what you want, but we do all. The TV psychotherapist Satu Hirsch Fjellstedt visiting Popula and advises how to keep Sams.

Do you hug trees when you are down or have you tried Mossbad? Popula roots out its inner forest fines and nerds down in nature.

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