Or, in recent times, Matt Damon is looking out of trouble when he ends up in The Martian, or the smart Lingvist and theoretical physicist team played by Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner working to communicate with Heptapoder upon arrival.

We can probably mention a favorite. I’m pretty sure for my can you come up with a stink, too – a movie that got science so wrong that it was just laughable? Last week, I participated, along with six other researchers, in a “science rate-dating” event that began on the Exchange that was supposed to increase the accuracy of scientific representation on large and small screens. We researchers had seven minutes for us to explain the basics of our research and did it seven times, move quickly between the designated rooms where seven groups of people from the entertainment industry plus some scientifically interested citizens were waiting.

We were encouraged to bring a props we could wear in our hands, but no PowerPoint pictures or videos were allowed.

I had the pleasure of participating in San Diego Comic-Con. I was invited to moderate a NASA panel on exoplanets, with twisted to look at them through the Science Fiction lens. How do the planets we discover with those seen in Star Trek, Stargate, and so on?

Young researchers and engineers working in various stem areas. (Science, technology, engineer and math) in the academy and industry, meet.

During the evening I rode through five potential friends, one for each of my senses. With the first man, I had a conversation. We leaned near and I tried to take part of his voice cadence and purple when he told about the dystopian novel he wrote .. The other man and I touched the faces, then at his request, we pressed and pulled in each other’s hands because it reminded him of salsadans. I fed the third man a banana. I sniffed the fourth man’s armpits after we did a series of jump jacks.

For the fifth man, I took off my blindfold and we stared in each other’s eyes for a long minute.

This page has been archived and no longer updated. Read more about filing pages. You are in:. Are you alone but too busy to search for love? Then you have to try the latest dating phenomenon that sweeps throughout the UK – speed dating. What do you think about speed? Dating?

Dating is complicated nowadays, so why not get some speed dating tips and learn more interesting is how much a role every factor plays.

To support our non-profit science journalism, please make a tax withdrawal gift today. Finding new research partners can be a challenge for basic researchers and clinical researchers, as it may require them to go outside their daily commitments. But it is important: Meeting researchers from other disciplines can trigger a new research idea or open the door to a solution to a problem that has seemed unpleasant.

It was not a Gordon conference. It was just, “Let’s see if we can create a connection and then take it on if we need. This process continues until everyone in a group has met all in the second group. The goal, for translational research as for dating, is to find a match. More than 80 people registered for the event, and follow-ups with the participants suggest that it served as planned: eighty-five percent of the participants said they met at least one potential employee, and seven couples researchers applied for internal pilot financing.

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